Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Kotch Lane | St Kilda, Vic

Sometimes you come across a shop, a travel destination or in this case a cafe that you are not sure whether to recommend to friends and family...

This could be due to poor quality, bad service or perhaps you just simply didn’t like the name. There is of course the other reason for not recommending – you love it and don’t want too many people to find out about it.

Kotch Lane is a very small neighbourhood cafe on Blessington Street in a collective of other small bars and restaurants. So small in fact that its closest neighbour goes by the name of Iddy Biddy Bar, and it is indeed both iddy and biddy. Kotch Lane exudes casualness (if that is a word) and from the moment you enter the small room you do feel that you have mistakenly walked into a bohemian friend’s living room who was in the middle of making you a great breakfast – I need more friends like that.

There are no menus on the table, but then the cafe is small enough that all diners can see the blackboards around the room with menu items. They have also cleverly placed the blackboard with specials in the doorway to the cafe so that every time I walk past I am enticed by the French toast with grilled peaches or the potato pancakes with spinach, poached eggs and bacon.

The regular breakfast items are equally as enticing and of particular note is the bruschetta with grilled mushrooms and herbs – a simple dish with fresh grilled sourdough with an excellent assortment of mushrooms and fresh thyme, oregano and possibly some other herbs, and the home made baked beans with a fresh tomato base goes to show how good this dish can be when not served out of a can. With these dishes and the size of the kitchen, wait times can be above average so ensure you are not in a rush.  

Probably the highlight for Kotch Lane though, is the excellent Rosso coffee which is always reliably prepared and the house made muffins which if you arrive at the right time are still warm from the oven. I have sampled both the banana choc chip and raspberry and white chocolate and they taste exactly how a well made muffin should taste – doughy and not too sweet, in contrast to so many of the cakes shaped as muffins you find elsewhere.

Kotch Lane is a relatively new and great addition to the St Kilda cafe scene so make sure you check it out – just don’t tell too many people about it, I still want to get a table...

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