Monday, October 24, 2011

Bluecorn | St Kilda, Vic

I walk past the corner of Barkly and Acland Street very frequently, just like any good St Kilda resident on the way to the number 96. There are no shortage of treasures in this location – Leroy, La Roche, Big Mouth and Coles...

One place I have walked past frequently is Bluecorn, a Mexican restaurant sandwiched between Claypots and that bottle shop with five thousand different beers – yes you know that one. Until very recently I viewed this as a small but cheerful restaurant on Barkly Street, so it was with disappointment that I fronted up to a packed full restaurant looking for a feast I expected was not forthcoming.

“Dont s’pose you have a table?” said I to the cheerful bartender who replied that our waitress would be along soon to seat us. To my surprise we were shown through to a semi-outdoor section at the back of the restaurant I never knew existed that was decorated in fabulous ‘cantina’ colours. 

There is a comprehensive cocktails list including many variations on the obligatory margarita.  Two were promptly ordered and after a long, long wait there were two small child wading pools worth of cocktails delivered to the table. Perhaps I have discovered that there is too much of a good thing - as these cocktails were tequila heavy and, while I love value for money, it is hard to mix food with such strong liquor.

It is very easy to over-order Mexican. Why is that? I invite comment here. There is just something delicious about the typical mix of beans, red meat, sour cream, chilli and flat bread that you want to keep eating. We ordered enchiladas with spicy beef, beans and rice and the ‘too big to hold” burrito with sliced steak, BBQ sauce, pepper and onion. Both were excellent. The enchilada had a softer more filling flavour due to the rice component. The burrito had well cooked (i.e. medium rare) beef intermingled with the pepper and onion and a nice dollop of guacamole. Again service was quite slow with the food so recommend ordering promptly to ensure shorter waits.

I am torn about Bluecorn – it is hard to critique Mexican food as aforementioned beans, meat, chilli, bread make up for any number of woes, but it is on the pricier side of a St Kilda meal, service is overly slow and drinks are hit and miss. On the whole Bluecorn was a solid Mexican cantina experience – particularly in the back semi-outdoor section but will I go back? No Sé...

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